Small Life, Slow Life: 79/100 {Here in Mexico, but with hearts in California.}

We’re here in Cancún, but our hearts are in California, where many of our loved ones and coworkers have already been evacuated. There are huge fires going on in both northern and Southern California; my sister has been evacuated from the NorCal fire.

The Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks also hit way too close to home. My post-college roommate, Jason, and I used to go twice a week. It always felt like the safest, welcoming place, and I have so, so many memories there. Devastating.

All of these were taken on different nights at Borderline.

“But Thousand Oaks is so safe!” people have been saying.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a safe neighborhood. For someone wanting to do something like this, anywhere where people gather is not safe.

I won’t lie, between this and watching the trail the fires are blazing with horror, it’s making it a little hard to enjoy ourselves here. Every time I look at the phone, my heart sinks.

That said, I guess we chose a good time to get out of Dodge.

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