Small Life, Slow Life: 80/100 {A cliffhanger.}

The pools are wonderful, the drinks flow uninterrupted, and the days are humid and warm.

And I’m super tired of carrying our two year-old all over this huge resort.

#firstworldproblems, am I right?

She, however, is having the absolute time of her life. Piles of bacon for breakfast. Favorite family members all around. A giant bathtub in the middle of the hotel room that we can lounge in while watching Elmo on the TV. Endless days in the pool — and there is this amazing kids pool that is only twelve inches deep and has all of these slides and colorful animals that spray water. She cries any time we take her out of it.

By the time she hits the pillow at night, she sleeps like a rock for twelve hours.

Tomorrow is the wedding and her flower girl dress is all set. Now, if she’ll actually walk down the aisle or not remains to be determined.

To be continued…

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