Small Life, Slow Life: Just for fun! Pink & Grey {Photos}

Just because you’re living your small, slow, budget-conscious life doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with play-decorating! In fact, I’ve done this for a long time with my Material Monday series that I regularly hosted at my other blog. Sometimes, it’s the act of hunting down the really cool/pretty/coveted thing that we want, more so than actually owning it. Material Mondays gave me a chance of doing that and I still regularly fake-shop online all the time!

If fake-shopping isn’t satisfying enough for you, there are so many ways these days to decorate on the mega-cheap. I posted some of them yesterday! But in general, a garage sale table and a can of paint are all you really need to add an exciting new piece to your home. My furniture has pretty much been IKEA forever. I’m not a believer in dropping thousands of dollars on a couch or table – ever!

For me, if a huge mansion somehow fell into my lap, I’d go crazy with pink & grey. My apartment in Japan was MEGA-pink (I’ll try to dig up a photo for you later) and I loved it. I had pink cutting boards, a pink metal water bottle, pink sheets – you get it. I of course did a Material Monday dedicated to pink.  My old website was pink and dark, dark grey. I love that color combo.

So this morning, I stumbled on Moe’s Pop of Pink blog and went absolutely bananas over this pink & grey living room by Abigail Ahern. The table! The walls! The couch! I’m totally drooling. So of course, I’ve been ogling pink & grey all morning!

And, even if a huge mansion DID fall into my lap, there’s absolutely, positively no-way-ever that C would permit pink-accented rooms. Our current abode is red, black and white. Very manly. (Maybe one day?)

There’s something so charming about a deep, charcoal grey – almost like you could inhale its scent and live on it. Paired with nearly anything, it makes a beautiful combination. My best friend did grey & yellow for her wedding and it was beautiful. I think the trick is to let grey be the star, and let the more vibrant color just make appearances here and there.

Love the way the chalkboard wall works in this one. Do any of you have chalkboard walls? Does it get very dusty?

Pinned Image

The curtains!

Relaxing pink living room | Modern decorating ideas | Homes & Gardens

grey pink stripes bedroom with hanging lights

What are your dream decorating colors?

4 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: Just for fun! Pink & Grey {Photos}

  1. I am loving your blog! Both of your posts today have been incredibly inspirational to me. I love the grey/yellow combination. Not a huge fan of pink, but still love the pics.

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