Small Life, Slow Life: Compassion, followed by guilt.

Sometimes, the answer to being so tired and crazy is to spend the day with these two guys, and have a damn margarita with dinner and laugh your head off.

At least, tonight, that was the answer for me.

V woke up ten million at least nine times last night. Today I found out that she’s got a bad cold. In the moments she was waking up, I was so exasperated and frustrated. The minute I learned she was sick, I felt compassion, followed by guilt.

This morning, the cat was driving me absolutely insane. Meowing so loud when the rest of the house was asleep, galloping up and down the stairs and trying to jump over the baby gate. . I hushed him, shooed him, waved him away, swatted at him. I realized right before I left for work that he was trying to tell me he needed to go to the bathroom, and his litter box is upstairs, which had been barricaded. I opened the baby gate and the poor guy bolted up there to pee. The minute I figured it out, I felt compassion, followed by guilt.

Sometimes we mess it up. We react out of frustration and impatience. If we had the entire picture, we’d just be compassionate.

I want to work on being compassionate before I have the whole picture.

Give the cat the benefit of the doubt.

Give the baby the benefit of the doubt.

Give myself that, too.

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