Small Life, Slow Life: Merry!

We had a lovely Christmas day.

A lot has been on my mind today. Namely, that I have just a week left of this daily blogging. It will be a total of 131 days in a row! And then I will still be here, just not as often. I have a bigger project I’ll be working on!

C gave me the most precious gift anyone ever has — he took the 100 blogs of the challenge and turned them into a book, color photographs and all. I totally cried when I opened it! One of the very most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

We kept our gifts pretty minimal. Even so, V didn’t even open them all. She got pretty overwhelmed and gave me a firm “No” when I asked if she wanted to open more things.

You can see V’s favorite present in the background — the trolley from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It makes the trolley sound and drives on its own. She played with it all day!

A running joke about C is that he loooooves meat, especially red meat. So when I found this raw meat hoodie in November, I had to order it for him.

So silly.

We spent some wonderful time today with my moms, siblings all together under the same roof, just talking and hanging out. I love when we’re all together, and Tracy always makes Christmas feel so easy and comfortable. I have never felt as comfortable around C’s family as my own (I guess that’s normal), and it’s something I really miss.

Sadly, C’s parents are thinking of giving back the kittens we got them. It was a risk we took, but I have to say I’m surprised. We obviously didn’t think it would go this way, or we wouldn’t have taken the risk. C and I both feel so sad about it. Does anyone in the LA area want a sweet pair of kittens? Sigh.

That aside, it was a lovely, low key day.

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