Small Life, Slow Life: A small & slow Christmas Eve.

We had a small, slow Christmas Eve around here. V and I woke up around 8:15 and just hung out this morning; she drew pictures with her new easel that her nanny got her and I read bits of books and just watched her.

This afternoon I recognized that I was feeling a little blue, so when C suggested taking V on a walk, I joined them. Good move on my part. It was 70 degrees outside and sunny, the perfect bad mood banisher.

And then late this afternoon, we went to D & N’s house for their annual Christmas Eve family dinner. It was the highlight last year and this year was just as special. The cousins are all running around and playing with each other now, and watching them is pure magic.

We’ve been friends for 17 years now! I feel so lucky to be sharing Christmases and raising babies with this girl ❤️

Finishing out the day feeling very very grateful for how lovely this year has been for our family. Some difficult moments for sure, but so much joy. ❤️

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