Small Life, Slow Life: Currently thinking about…

I’m thinking about…

…how grateful I am for our little family. How 2018 was hard on us financially, but really good to us emotionally.

…how glad I am that I’m done with the holidays at work. I worked till 11pm last night and we had our busiest shopping day of our store’s history. It was so fun! And…I’m so glad I’m home. Today, tomorrow and Christmas Eve, I am home with my family. (Thank you so much, James!) I know I’ll be a store manager next year, which means working till 11pm Christmas Eve.

Tori Amos, carrying over from yesterday, and the portal to my past that was opened just by hearing her name. I wonder what other portals exist, locked up in songs?

…the most joyful moment we had today, which was gifting my husband’s parents with two kittens. They have had a tough year, and to see his mom break down in years upon opening the box just melted our hearts.

…gingerbread houses. I’d somehow never made one! But we went to my other mom’s house tonight and made our first ones. V tried to eat all the candy and I just tried to get my gummy bears to stick. It was fun!

…this little girl, who is in the middle of a growth spurt and is eating everything in sight, but who has also been in such a joyful and sweet mood this last week. He company has been so wonderful, and I’m so excited to share the holidays with her!

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