Small Life, Slow Life: 2018’s Lessons.

If you know the artist I should credit for this, please tell me! I don’t like to post without permission, and I thought this was so beautiful.

Saw this on Instagram this morning and immediately knew which friend I needed to send it to. ❤️

I’ve lost a lot of sleep in recent weeks, often worried about things I can’t control. I tell myself that it’ll be fine, it’ll blow over, but man, it’s hard to talk myself down sometimes.

Around 2am, a voice gently whispered in my mind:

Compassion is usually the answer.

Huh. I don’t think a lot about compassion. I mean, I do, but it’s not like I’m meditating on it or anything. When I’m in a tough situation, I’m not usually urging myself to be compassionate. (Embarrassingly, I’m usually justifying my lack of compassion.)

Could I feel compassion for the people I don’t understand, the people I experience as difficult? I asked myself.

The thought softened me, and then put me to sleep immediately.

Unfortunately, my friend “Anxious” was back as my sidekick when I woke up today.

I feel all gnarled up. Balls of twine hopelessly knotted in my chest.

I’m also thinking about work, and change, and things moving around, and 2019 and V potentially starting school, and it all just feels like a lot.

And I want to say, Hold on, wait, I’m still learning 2018’s lessons. Can’t it just stay like this for a while?

And life says back, Nope.

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