Small Life, Slow Life: 99% Wonderful.

Today was 99% wonderful.

V was really restless last night, and between her and C and Rolo sleeping (what felt like) completely on top of me, I didn’t sleep at all. But C granted me extra in-bed-alone time this morning and took V downstairs solo. (Thank you husband.)

So by the time I hit my 10:45 Orange Theory class, I was rested and fasted, and I felt like I destroyed that workout. I’ve been going to Orange Theory every Sunday morning for about three months now, and there has really never been a class that I wasn’t the slowest person in the rowing/strength circuits. But today, I flew. I finally got my rowing form down (legs, core, arms ::: arms, core, legs), and as a result, I was ripping through the rowing portions as easily as sliding through the surface of a glassy lake with actual oars.

I came home to a warm lunch, and while C went and had a business meeting, I popped in our brand new copy of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer into the DVD player, thinking V would immediately demand that I push the eject button like she does with most things.

Instead, after watching it through the first time, she looked at me after the credits and said, “Play it again?”

So we watched it again. Dream come true. One of those moments as a parent that I’ve dreamed of since I ever imagined having kids.

Finally, we went to a family friend’s house for our Sunday dinner. Except that this sweet family friend made enough food to cover a fifteen-person Thanksgiving. It was so delicious. And V was charming and affectionate and on her very best behavior. And when she accidentally stepped on the family dog’s tail (and this dog does not like children), he didn’t even bite her. He didn’t even lunge. His posture stiffened sharply for a moment, and then he let it go.

A 99% perfect day.

What’s the 1% that wasn’t perfect, you’re asking? Oh, that would be tonight when we got home and I was bringing a candle upstairs, AND I LIT MY HAIR ON FIRE.

ON FIRE!!!!!

On actual fire.


I am fine; my hair is fine, though it is several inches shorter in one chunk than it was an hour ago, and despite washing it, it reeks. But we are all fine.

(On fire! Still not over it.)

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