Small Life, Slow Life: We’re Married!


It happened! Seven years in the making, and countless cups of coffee, 94 Voss glass water bottles, an entire bolt of purple tulle later, we’re married!

I’ll be back after our honeymoon to share all of it (we’re en route to Costa Rica) but I wanted to include a couple of photos here and tell you that yes, it did happen!

It was so lovely. Definitely worth the high stress moments, the lying awake late at night, the moment I peeled my eyes open at 2am after three hours of sleep to see that it was time to start getting ready. The sun peeked over the mountains just as my dad began to walk me down the aisle and I nervously glanced up to see my smiling groom!



We are over the moon!

Be back with so much more, but until then…Costa Rica!


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