Small Life, Slow Life: Evaporating Color.

The truth is, since I stepped into my new role, I haven’t written a single word.

(Well, that is, other than work emails and business recaps and community plans.)

I did all that work last year clearing out the channel, scrubbing off the rust and corrosion, wrote 100 days in a row and then some…and then I simply told myself I was “too busy” and allowed myself to stop writing for almost eight months.

And not too surprisingly, like a tiny leak unnoticeable at first, happiness drained from my life. Little by little, the color left my world. Certainly, things still made me happy, but the bubbling joy I had submerged in last year, bit by bit, evaporated.

This brought on a low-grade depression for a while. I recognized it, and worked on it all the ways I know how: therapy, exercise, sharing my vulnerability with family and friends.

I did everything except write.

A few weeks ago, C asked me what I would do if the day was 27 hours long, and those three extra hours could be used for pursuing a hobby/passion. And I literally answered that I would work out, meditate, and read more.

(I’ve already read 54 books this year.)

A week later, I was like, Omg, I didn’t even say I would write.

“Okay, okay,” you’re saying, “so then why are you writing again?”

A few reasons:

  1. I realized I was much more joyful when I was processing my days into narratives.
  2. I captured more memories with V by writing daily.
  3. I had a session with Ainslie Macleod, and he said I’m supposed to be writing.
  • (More on that third one soon.)
  • So here I am. I hope you’re well. Thank you for allowing me to disappear and reappear from this space, and always still leaving me comments when I’ve vanished, and welcoming me with open arms when I’m back.
  • I’m back.
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