Small Life, Slow Life: The cost of Los Angeles.

After seeing my brother’s new house today, we drove home talking about our lives and the cost of living in LA, which honestly is draining our bank accounts and our spirits.

My brother lives 40-ish miles from where we live, and his house is so lovely. It made C and I question if we’re on the right path. Sometimes we talk about moving somewhere where things cost less, though that would mean giving up proximity to our families.

At some point, C and I noticed that V was very quiet, and when we looked back…

…she was asleep in her car seat!

This kid hasn’t taken a single nap since this summer. We were shocked! I spent the rest of the ride home with my arm stretched behind me, tingling from loss of circulation, keeping her head from falling forward to her chest.


Tonight I met up with Darcy and Elizabeth for our annual ornament-making craft-fest. Darcy and I are not so good at crafting (despite how many hits out mason jar post still gets all these years later), but Elizabeth makes it pretty easy on us every single year by prepping ahead of time and making it as foolproof as possible.

Nevertheless, Darcy and I both still have blisters on our fingers from burning ourselves with the glue gun. Some things just can’t be helped. In Japanese, this phrase is Shoganai — it just can’t be helped/that’s the way it is.

We made wreaths this year and it was so fun; I’d love to make them in tons of colors next year and hang them all over the house!

It’s a pretty easy craft, just watch those glue gun burns!

Can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the year already. ❤️

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