Small Life, Slow Life: There’s no news like good news!

A friend I hadn’t seen in a while came to visit me at work today and pick up some last minute gifts.

At the end of catching up and her transaction, she said, “So, I had a decaf coffee this morning.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, gingerly placing her folded gifts into a bag.


“That’s…good?” I said, unsure.

“Trying to limit my caffeine consumption,” she said.

In my head, I went, Eh? But then my eyes shot up to meet hers, and I remembered how much struggle she’s been through in the last year, and before I knew what was happening, I was totally crying.

“Really?” I croaked, almost a whisper.

She beamed. I came around the counter and she kissed my face and I just totally lost it and whispered “Oh my God” and “Congratulations” into her ear again and again. “Seven weeks,” she said, and I could have collapsed into her arms right there.

While a whole line of people waited to purchase their stretchy pants gifts, she and I just held each other and cried from pure happiness.

There’s no news like good news.

Want some of your own? Here you go.

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