Small Life, Slow Life: 82/100 {We are home. We are exhausted.}

Well, we’re not technically home.

It’s 11:33pm and we are sitting in an airport parking shuttle, hoping to make it back to our car, and then about a forty minute drive home. We’ve been up since 5:30am LA time.

Thankfully, V slept on the plane a little during our second flight, but she also cried a lot on both flights.

It’s been a tough day, albeit with beautiful parts. Here are the beautiful parts:

  • Having a last swim with our wonderful family
  • A good talk about my writing with my mother in law
  • V sleeping in my lap while I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  • Seeing the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen outside the plane window before takeoff
  • Opening the window at some point to see the crescent moon, looking like it was right across from us, like both of us were apples bobbing in dark water

And now, we’re all going home to sleep. Goodnight ❤️

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