Small Life, Slow Life: 71/100 {When is it too soon to start talking about the holidays?}

Target already emailed me a Black Friday ad. It’s November first.

I feel torn about this. On one hand, I love anticipation. We’re going to Mexico next week; we booked the trip in March. I have been savoring the feeling of being excited about Mexico every single week for so long now, like a delicious chocolate that you hold in your mouth as long as possible.

But, it’s November first. At some point, I have to ask myself, When are we living too much in the future? Does it always have to be about the next thing and the next thing and the next?

I remember, very clearly, the day after Thanksgiving, when I was I a child. My parents and I would go to the mall, because all of the Christmas windows would be up. It was about the magic of those windows. We weren’t seriously gift shopping yet. It wasn’t always just about Black Friday, and getting the best deal, and standing in line for a cheap TV at 2am.

Cheap. That’s the word I’m thinking of. That’s how it feels when we start talking about Christmas the day after Halloween. And the day after Christmas, the Valentine’s Day decorations go up.

I just think we could pause sometimes and enjoy the moment we’re in. I do love Christmas and celebrating, but I think enjoying that during the actual month of the holiday is good enough. In the mall where I work, Santa will start being there everyday on November 16th. The 16th! I watched him last year throughout most of November, and the poor guy just sat there for three weeks before anyone started coming.

Where is the line between looking forward happily and enjoying the moment we’re in?

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