Small Life, Slow Life: 70/100 {Brocco and Angra.}

Sometimes the day starts at 5:30am and never slows down.

Sometimes my daughter cries for me for over thirty minutes when I leave in the morning and leaving actually feels like severing a part of myself. And I cry in the car before I even exit the garage.

Sometimes Delta emails to say our flight has changed and after making three different phone calls and being bounced around between the main airline and the smaller airline, the main airline says that everything is fine and the flight hasn’t been changed.


And from all of that, I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in anxiety and even have the physical symptom of a bad headache that Tylenol won’t assuage.

And also.


Sometimes all that has to happen to cheer me up is making a bad Bruce Lee joke to my husband, and knowing he will take it one step further (because he is funny and punny), and make me laugh so much.

And that’s why I married him, folks.

If you’re wondering if we went trick or treating, yeah…that would be a no. Take a look at why.

Yeah, she wasn’t so into it. Maybe next year.

Hope you had a good Halloween. 🙂

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