Small Life, Slow Life: 28/100 {The two things I’ve done this year that have totally changed my life.}

There are two things I’ve implemented that have really changed my life since the beginning of this year, and both have cost me absolutely nothing. And before you think I’m going to say, “going to the gym” or “giving up sugar,” you’re wrong!

One, which I’ve already mentioned, is carving out time for reading and using all the resources the library offers. I’m reading my 29th book out of my “30 books in 2018” reading challenge right now. Reading enriches my life in a way I can’t articulate. On a day when everything can feel the crappiest, a book can take me out of my circumstances and comfort me or carry me away. My reading life is rich and full. It is always perfect!

The other is listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast.

(Wait, that’s it? you’re saying. Yes, that’s it!)

My commute is really short, so I get these podcasts in teeny snippets, which I actually think helps. It reduces the tendency to tune out, because I’m only listening for five to seven minutes at a time. It also makes me really eager to get in the car next time, so I can hear the continuation of what came before.

I feel like, even at work, so many of my sentences now start with, “I was listening to an interview of so-and-so on Oprah’s podcast.” I really absorb and value the information. Something I wished for this year was a mentor, someone further along the path who could guide me. While that didn’t show up in terms of an actual person I can have a cup of coffee with, I absolutely glean so much wisdom from listening to these podcasts, and it takes up time during the day that I already spend in the car, so it detracts nothing from my busy schedule. (Win!)

A lot of it is spiritual, but not all of it is. And because she’s Oprah, she gets to interview some of the most incredible and inspiring people alive today. I have for sure cried listening to some (Amy Purdy, Madonna Badger); redefined how I see my leadership with others (Jeff Weiner, Others have made me laugh, consider my legacy, and examine what kind of parent I want to be. I really can’t underestimate the impact they’ve had on my life.

Some of my favorite episodes I’ve listened to this year are:

Amy Purdy: The Power or Visualization

Maya Angelou

Cheryl Strayed

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Madonna Badger: Finding Light After Tragedy

Dr. Shefali Tsabary: Conscious Parenting The Future of Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn): Leading with Compassion

Michael Pollan

Gary Zukav: Finding Your Authentic Power

Mitch Albom

I’ve listened to many more than that, and I really recommend them all. They’re only about 30-45 minutes, and have been a real game changer for me. I set a goal in January that I listen to some kind of podcast or read a book to expand my perspective every week. I’ve read some great books, and this podcast has also always done the job.

I hope you like them & happy listening!

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