Small Life, Slow Life: 21/100 {My favorite candy brand, ever!}

Guys. My husband found me this sugar free candy at Whole Foods when I quit sugar earlier this year. They were gummy bears, and despite not having cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup (or agave or anything like that), they tasted like gummy bears. And unlike other sugar free candies, there is no sorbitol in these guys. (AKA, no diarrhea or upset tummy.)

I became obsessed. I read the label, thinking it was too good to be true. Nope!

This is not a sponsored post! I am truly just freakishly obsessed with this brand and wanted to tell you about it in case you’re watching your sugar!

My favorites. I could easily eat two packs of these everyday!

The brand is called Smart Sweets and all of their candy has < 3g sugar. It’s a great keto or low carb cheat. And they taste darn good.

These are my favorites of their candy, in order:

  1. Gummy bears
  2. Sweet Fish
  3. Sour Blast Buddies
  4. Sour Gummy Bears

C and some of my coworkers like the sour gummy bears more than I do, but they don’t taste quite right to me, whereas the regular gummy bears are practically perfect. V is obsessed with them; it’s the only candy she eats!

Do be warned that these have quite a bit of fiber (28g!), so don’t shove them at your kids! Or gorge yourself!

I just got a box of the sweet fish (Swedish Fish) and sour blast buddies (sour patch kids) delivered today because Whole Foods doesn’t have them yet, and they are both SO good. I just had to share them with you!

Do you avoid sugar? What are your favorite “cheat” treats?

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