Small Life, Slow Life: Spoons make it better.

Today was weird. It started out great, and then a return went wrong in the afternoon and a weed dealer with a huge following posted my boss’s name and our phone number on Instagram and the phone never stopped ringing. My boss had not interacted with or met these people at all. Our business page flooded with negative Yelp reviews. My heart felt like a boulder was tied to it all night.

Why are people so mean and hateful sometimes?

But on the upside, my friend gave me the beautiful spoons I’ve been dreaming of for weeks. I squealed when I saw them! And V was such a sweet kissy face tonight, just being with her cheered me up so much.

2 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: Spoons make it better.

  1. I recognize those spoons 🥄 🤣. I’ve only been at Anthropologie a month and they already asked me to interview for a supervisor role. I am honored, even if I don’t get the role it’s so nice to see how they really encourage growth within the company. Whatever happens I am at peace with it. Still getting used to retail hours though.

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