Small Life, Slow Life: 93/100 {All the Black Friday madness.}

Black Friday never ceases to amaze me. I personally don’t have the stomach for it, from a consumer’s perspective. I remember very clearly a few years ago, circling the parking lot of the mall where I now work, and eventually giving up after thirty minutes looking for a spot and not finding anything. There is nothing worth that kind of parking investment.

A man wearing an Oscar the Grouch shirt beat that record today, telling me that it took his family fifty minutes to park. Fifty! That is shopping dedication!

There are just no deals that are that good. And I’m the worst in long lines, unless I have a book. I’m much more apt to shop online and have the store place it at their pick up counter than I am to compete with others racing to a sale rack.

That being said, working Black Friday can be really fun! Except, maybe if you also worked Thanksgiving until past 1am, like I did.

I still kept smiling, though.

My partners in crime, James and Matt!

Sometimes, I think these big shopping holidays are our culture’s version of haggling. It doesn’t happen the rest of the year, and we are addicted to a good sale. We love the feeling of walking away with a hidden gem at the lowest price.

I did permit myself one Black Friday purchase this year, which was both spontaneous and had been a long time coming.

For years now, I have wanted a red and black flannel. It has to fit right and it has to be soft. I have never found one that is just to my liking and in the perfect price range. Today, I was walking to work and passed by American Eagle. It occurred to me that this was probably the best chance to score a flannel at the price I wanted.

And I got one! Totally worth the twenty minutes in line.

Are you an avid Black Friday shopper, or do you prefer to skip the crowds?

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