Small Life, Slow Life: 61/100 {A happy, teething, snuggly Monday.}

Today I met up with John, an old friend I’ve known for half of my life, but haven’t seen in about nine years. He had yet to meet V and we hadn’t caught up in a long time.

But like any good friendship, we picked up right where we left off and soon I was belly laughing over his critique of the car playlist I made V, as though truly no time had passed at all.

V is very standoffish with people she has just met, but within five minutes she asked to hold his hand, then asked him to pick her up, and that’s pretty much how the rest of the afternoon went.

I love when she loves someone that we love. At this point, she is still all feeling and can only trust her gut. She doesn’t rationalize the way we do (Oh, well Mom said he’s nice so I guess I’ll give him a chance), so her gut feeling becomes her truth. And with C’s and my nearest and dearest, she pretty much is smitten with all of them. She definitely has her favorites, which is really cute. We have a different John in our lives (he married us), who isn’t very affectionate (with us at least) but V craws all over him, holds his hand and asks him to pick her up — she also asks to see him at least once a day.

She’s been getting her two-year molars (seriously?! just when you think teething is done, the worst of it explodes in the back of their mouths with the thickness of a LEGO block), so she’s been extra irritable and has had a fever and runny nose, so we’ve spent most of the last two days on the couch, watching Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger, listening to music (right now her favorites are “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel or “1234” by Feist), or in her room reading books.

There is something so nice about dropping the to-do list, throwing out the rules about screen time, saying yes to snacks for meals and just cuddling with a child. I think she also feels that I’m more relaxed, and she ends up snuggled in my lap, just content. I remember sick days with a similar fondness from my own childhood. My mom definitely spoiled me, and so they have a special feeling about them.

I also started reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle-Melton and That woman is so powerful. It’s a library book, but I am stressed because I’m feeling the need to underline everything. Have you read it?

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