Small Life, Slow Life: 23/100 {Not getting along at work? Try this.}

Have a staff meeting coming up? Having trouble getting along with your coworkers, or just wanting to feel more connected?

Try a love line.

Have everyone on your team get in two lines and face each other, with enough room for one person to walk down the middle.

As the person at the front of the line makes his way down the line, each person will approach him and whisper something in his ear that no one else can hear.

You can whisper something you really appreciate about the person, or something you think they need to hear right now.

When I participated in this the first time, it was with strangers. (Scary!) I was amazed at what they were able to pick up on about me just from noticing me for a few seconds.

The listener makes his way down the entire line and hears from everyone on the team. When he’s done, he takes his place at the back of he line and prepares to be a giver. Then the next person at the front of the line goes.

Every person gets to hear love and appreciation from everyone on the team, and they also give love and appreciation to everyone on the team.

I did this with my team at work this week. It was a fifteen minute exercise that cost no money. By the end, everyone was in tears.

I moderated the activity, so I didn’t actually participate. But by the end, I was crying too, without even knowing what anyone was saying to anyone else. It was just through watching their expressions, their reactions to hearing words of love from everyone they work with.

I couldn’t help thinking, If every workplace did this with their employees once every few months, what kind of beautiful world could we live in?

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