Small Life, Slow Life: 10/100 {What I love about my two year-old.}

Every time I tell a mom I’m interacting with that I have a two year-old and that it’s been difficult lately, she says, “Hang in there but please enjoy it.”

Some moms tell me they just sent their youngest babies to college; others have surly teenagers who are driving them up a wall.

So I’ve been working on savoring things.

Here’s what I love about her:

  • Cuddling with her still solves everything. Like, everything. I am still all that she needs and her problems are so small.
  • She sleeps deeply and she sleeps LATE! Today she slept with me until 10am.
  • Everything is funny! I’m not annoying to her yet. So any dance, and silly face, any tickle attack is welcomed.
  • The smallest things can fix anything. Offering her dried strawberries (she calls them “froddies”) can literally stop a stage 4 meltdown. Offering to read a book does the same.
  • She loves books. Loves them. Sometimes so much that we get sick of certain ones and have to hide them. But she is so happy to be on my lap being read to.
  • She is so affectionate. She will run by and stop to hug me. She wants to hold hands while watching TV. She is happiest if touching one of us.
  • She loves music and will sing songs to herself and omg, it is so cute.
  • Water (whether from the hose, her water table, the pool, the beach, or in a bath) is like, everything.
  • Everything is new and she wants to understand. She also has the most insane memory so if she sees it again, she’ll tell you about last time.
  • She is so gentle with Rolo. We got so lucky with her. She understands she has to be kind; it’s nothing that we taught her.
  • You know how some kids are really rough? Yeah, she is not like that. She is so sweet.
  • She’s really into Marvel characters right now because she has a book called Night Night, Groot that she loves. C has taught her all of the characters and she knows them by name. She even, um, has matching Marvel shoes with her dad.

I did not buy them these! They were a gift, and both C and V love wearing them.

This shirt was a gift from her Uncle James and she was so proud to wear it today. She loves Ironman (“Iyyonman”), I have no idea why.

I can’t believe I’m already 10% of the way through with #100daysofblogging! I love doing this, I just wish I had more time. For example, right now I am typing this on my phone to make it by my midnight deadline and V is sleeping on top of me. I wish I was at my desk, with some kombucha and music playing and maybe a little candle burning. I wish I could really take my time! But I’m grateful to be writing at all and I’m excited for the next 90 blogs. Thanks for sticking with me!

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