Small Life, Slow Life: 2/100 {Rise Up.}

The words “Rise up” are following me recently.

First, Hamilton, which I fell in love with and saw in May.

Then, at Purpose & Practice, a yoga/meditation retreat for lululemon employees that I attended last weekend. On the final day, we talked about rising up and living our purpose, and they played an acoustic song about rising up.


Lastly, at an ambassador’s spin class on Wednesday, she played Lauren Daigle’s “Still Rolling Stones,” which might as well be called “Rise up” for how many times she repeats the phrase in the chorus.

I’m thinking about rising up and bringing the totality of me to every conversation.

I’m thinking about rising up and meeting a coworker this morning in the depth of her absolute grief, and not being afraid to look in her eyes.

I’m thinking about rising up and showing up here to talk to you every single day, even when the morning doesn’t go as planned, even when I don’t have the perfectly planned articulate thing to say.

Where are the places in your life that you’re holding back, and where could you rise up?

2 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: 2/100 {Rise Up.}

  1. My husband’s uncle died on my birthday… we attended his funeral and not a single person went up to the alter to speak… I wanted to but felt that perhaps it was t the thing to do….not I feel like I should have… we should rise up and bring our love to the table even if it means others might shed a tear in memory of the one we loved and will miss.

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