Small Life, Slow Life: 8/100 {When one is enough, for now.}

Sometimes I think that I want another baby, but then I’m like, Am I crazy?

Still pretty raw over yesterday, I started the day puffy-eyed and went to work. After work, C and I made “the switch,” which is me taking Violet and him going to work. We see each other four about four minutes total. It’s tough, because it’s like going from a full-time job to yet another full-time job, and we’re each doing it alone. I don’t know how people with multiple kids do it.

Granted, this is a particularly tough time. She is in fact two years-old. She has zero patience. She’s very sensitive and cries easily. (And cries a lot. Like…a lot.) Mealtimes are a battle and she truly never stops asking for Elmo. She’s also in a throwing things phase. (Awesome.)

Tonight was one of those nights. Before kids, I would have come home, asked to be alone, and sunk into a super hot bath with a book and maybe some mellow music. Eventually curled up with C and watched a movie. Maybe even fallen asleep on the couch.

That idea makes me laugh now. I’ll be lucky if she goes to sleep early enough for me to clean up and have five minutes to talk to my husband.

Agreeing to blog 100 days in a row is something that sounds just about as crazy to me right now as having another child. How am I going to find the time?! And I’m so stressed that these blogs are going to be so boring. But I committed, and I am rarely one to break my word.

I usually only write when inspiration strikes. Which means, the last two years, during which I’ve mostly been sleep deprived, I haven’t written at all.

But here I am, eight days in. Ben Nemtin said, “The inspiration doesn’t come, and then you do something. The inspiration comes because you’re doing it.”

So I await you, inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: 8/100 {When one is enough, for now.}

  1. Maybe every blog won’t be life-changing, but some may matter a lot to someone and you may not have written those without the ones in-between. I’m still reflecting on my advice to a younger me.

    This is to say, keep writing. Your readers appreciate it.

  2. I know this all too well! I went from one child whom I did all things with like reading a book before bedtime and making sure she ate all organic foods to having three! Now instead of organic my kids might have 2 Oreos for “dessert” after dinner, LOL! And the bed time stores are usually my 10 year old reading to her 3 and 5 year old. I will say, the first kid was the hardest for me. I now make sure to put them to bed and have husband and wife time alone uninterrupted because if you don’t make time, hubby’s feel unimportant and under appreciated… well my hubby does and it creates a tension. You’ll figure out your groove in your own time 🙂 mean a while know you are doing awesome!

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