Small Life, Slow Life: Marimekko Pinboard DIY! {Photos}

I’ve been thinking so much about bulletin boards lately (as I shared in Small Life, Slow Life: A Kick of Creativity), so when my friend Elizabeth told me that Crate & Barrel was holding a free marimekko DIY pinboard event, I was totally in!

A huge fan of the bright poppy print, I’ve long lusted to get my hands on some of the fabulous marimekko fabric. So on Saturday, I drove down to The Grove in Los Angeles (right in my old neighborhood – nostalgia!) and we had a great time.

Have you heard of marimekko? You’ll probably recognize their signature poppy print!

So bright and fun!

Crate & Barrel has a whole selection of fun, cheerful marimekko goods.

So…I completely fell in love with this cup.

This is a super easy DIY for anyone who wants a bulletin board. All you need is a piece of foam board and some old fabric scraps. I used to sew, so I have a ton – but you can even cut up old clothes that don’t fit or are wearing out for this project!

We began by going through buckets of the fabulous fabric they had – so fun!

Elizabeth checking out all the different colors.

The selection was a little overwhelming. I was in love with about six prints and truly couldn’t choose between them. Elizabeth showed me several different prints she was looking at using for the main background before picking a clear direction.

Elizabeth’s background fabric.

I ended up deciding on black fabric with simple short white lines for my background. I checked out what others were doing and saw that too much busyness didn’t look so great. With a project like this, simple is better – remember that you’re going to be pinning a bunch of stuff to it when it’s finished!

Once you’ve decided on your background fabric, it’s time to lay it on the board. If it’s at all wrinkled, be sure to iron it flat first – Crate & Barrel was kind enough to provide an ironing station for all of us.

There are several ways to affix the fabric to the board – you could even use scotch tape if you have nothing else. We used fabric (tacky) glue and duct tape. I wrapped my black and white fabric tightly around my board with one inch to spare all the way around. I used thick duct tape to secure it to the back.

Then I  cut out my layering pieces and used fabric glue to place them on top. Be sure to be careful with fabric glue – if you use too much, it will show through!

About midway through – this is the gluing stage!

After duct taping her fabric to the foam board, Elizabeth is deciding what accents to glue on top.

There were a lot of people there – it was really fun to see what everyone else was doing!

It was so fun to be creative! I had a mother and daughter next to me who took the project extremely seriously and their pinboards ended up looking like works of art! In the end, I wanted something that looked a little like a jellyfish swimming in the ocean.

Elizabeth got super creative!

Elizabeth’s pockets are such a great idea – I would definitely add pockets to my pinboard next time!

This was such a fun event and the ladies at Crate & Barrel were so friendly – I would definitely go to one of their DIYs again! But no need to wait for an invitation – this is such an easy project to do at home with very little mess, and it’s cheap to boot.

After a few hours of cutting and gluing, Elizabeth and I decided to wind down the best way we know how – mimosas!

Have you ever made a pinboard? Any tips?

7 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: Marimekko Pinboard DIY! {Photos}

  1. This is such a great idea! My daughter was just asking me for a Pin board. I think I’ll show her this and see if she wants to do this project.

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