Small Life, Slow Life: Change is coming.

Someone important to me is not going to be in my life much anymore. It’s not a bad thing; it’s actually a thing that’s wonderful for him, but I’m pretty sad all the same. He has been such a wonderfully supportive constant in my life for the last two years. He has played the role of trusted advisor, sparring partner, biggest fan, and caring friend. I can’t even picture how my life would be without him.

But, this is how things go. For holding on comes easily, we do not need to learn it.

I feel like the last eight years of my life have gone like this:

Sense change coming.

Panic about change.

Change happens.

Resist change with all my might.

Feel nostalgic for past.

Try to go backwards/escape into something familiar.


Accept change.

Appreciate change.

Embrace change.

Enjoy life.


Feel so grateful.

Hope things stay the same.

Sense change coming.

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