Small Life, Slow Life: 99/100 {Is a twenty-four hour timeframe too late to expect an epiphany?}

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I am currently writing in a Starbucks. Since having a child, this is something that is totally unheard of. A luxury too grand to even long for.

It happens to be the same Starbucks where the idea for this blog first dropped into my mind, wholly complete and so hot and urgent that I was inspired to sketch it.

It hasn’t changed much. There are fancy tables now with these little circles that you can plop your phone on top of and it will wirelessly charge. The mugs they sell up front are still unkempt at dusty. I’m not even risking trying the coffee, since I don’t like Starbucks coffee. (At least this time I’m not abstaining due to not being able to afford the fifty-cent refill charge.) Across from where I’m sitting used to be the table where you could stir your coffee with tiny popsicle sticks and swirl in your half and half, but now that station is more towards the front, which makes perfect sense. The windows overlook Topanga Canyon Boulevard, and other than the woman whose entire existence seems to depend on the thing she’s watching on her phone, all is peaceful. (More on her below.)

But here I am, through a funny twist of events…someone was accidentally under-scheduled at work and had been asking multiple people to pick up hours today, and I, hearing of it as I was just leaving yesterday, snatched up her offer like a greedy child and was nearly gleeful today when she came in to relieve me a few hours into my shift.

I dropped off my backpack in my car and then walked around the entire mall, from top to bottom. I lingered in stores, I ran my hand along potential Christmas presents, found the most beautiful spoons ever created at Anthropologie (see below), I stood in the potty training aisle at Target and thoughtfully chose V’s potty training underwear instead of doing it in a harried-mother’s rush (sorry for revealing this, future V). I ran into a couple of friends, and even made a chance encounter with someone who used to work for me who will now potentially work for me again. It was bliss.


Anthropologie, why would you make spoons this beautiful? I already own about thirty-too many spoons. Why tempt me this way?

And after all of that, I am here at this Starbucks because I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d love to write in than the actual place where this blog was incepted…but I kid you not, there is a woman two tables from me who is jiggling her leg, watching something on her phone with her headphones in her ears, who has alternated between yelling, “SHIT!” and “YES!” every thirty seconds or so. She is also looking up at the ceiling at shaking her fists as she says both of these things. I wish I was making this up or even slightly exaggerating for storytelling purposes, but it is actually driving me crazy and I wish she would go somewhere else. (Lol.) It has to be a sporting game, right? I can’t imagine what could make such a normal looking person this fanatical.

Now there’s a woman talking on the phone by the window in a very stern voice, who just looked at me like this is her office and why am I looking at her like that, and I feel like Starbucks may not be the most ideal place to write after all.


It poured rain this morning, and when V got up, I got to show her that it was raining outside. She has been talking for weeks about “needing a waincoat” (thank you, Elmo’s World episode about weather *sarcasm*), and she was so excited that she would finally get to wear one today. The drizzle has started again just now, and I’m excited to take her puddle jumping for the first time in about an hour or so when I go home.

Tomorrow is Day 100. I can’t believe it is actually here. I still have absolutely zero plan as to what to do after tomorrow.

Is a twenty-four hour timeframe too late to expect an epiphany?

3 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: 99/100 {Is a twenty-four hour timeframe too late to expect an epiphany?}

  1. I’ve been working in a corporate environment for so long, I have been an EA for over twenty years. I just moved from Eagle Rock, CA and quite my job in DTLA and decided to move to Minnesota, so I am taking some time off of being in an office environment, and I applied to Anthropologie on a whim and got the job a week later. The store makes me so happy, every candle and visual display is like a dream to me. Is it silly that I spent my entire teenage life working my way up to get out of the retail scene, just for me to go right back into it twenty years later? I love the spoons you purchased and thought it was so coincidental that I will now be working there! I am pretty excited and a little nervous, as I tend to be an introvert myself but for some reason I feel like I am ready for something different and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m into the smaller details and that store is detail overload. I can’t even explain how pretty it is to walk into Anthropologie with snow all around. Let’s see how I feel in a couple months. 😆

    • I love Anthropologie! A coworker I work with also works there and has for six years. She loves it. They are very generous with their employees. I remember transitioning back to retail six years ago and wondering if I was crazy! It can be a lot, especially this time of year, but what I love about Anthro is that it’s kind of an introvert’s store. All the delicate things and lit candles and beautiful garments and books. Loud or rude people don’t shop there. I think you’ll be fine. It’ll take some getting used to, and then you’ll like it. I’ve always thought that if I left lululemon, I’d transition to Anthropologie. Can’t wait to hear how your experience is!!!

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