Small Life, Slow Life: 65/100 {Even when I’m tired.}

I am tired in my very bones today. My body aches, my eyes are forming bleary tears every time I yawn.

But even with that, while at the park and feeling achy, slow, I still notice you. And when I take the time to do it, time completely stops; it’s like I’m freezing you into my memory —

Glittering onyx eyes.

Light brown hair. I see every strand moving as you move, and there must be a hundred different colors in there.

Fuzzy brow.

Cheeks that lift up forty-five degrees every time you smile.

Eyelashes so full and thick that strangers stop us.

How can I possibly express to you, even when I’m tired, even if I’m agitated, that you mean this much to me?

Will you ever know?

Paradise is:

Your small warm hand, wrapped in mine.

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