Small Life, Slow Life: 43/100 {I finished my book challenge & already know my 2019 challenge!}

I finished my reading challenge for the year! (Click here to be friends with me on goodreads!)

Thirty books. To some people, it sounds like nothing, and other people have said they can’t believe I read that much. The truth is, if I didn’t have a young child, I could easily read two books in a day. I read really fast! Always have. But sometimes I read so fast that a few weeks later, I won’t even retain much of the plot. I’ll remember a favorite character or two, and how the book made me feel. The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my most favorite books; I’ve read it at least four times, but I couldn’t tell you the entire plot from start to finish right now if you asked me.

Speaking of that, it sort of gave me an idea for the book challenge I want to do next year!

So many times, I’ll say to someone, “Oh, I love that book, it’s in my top ten.” The problem? I say that about way more books than just ten!

I want my 2019 challenge to be re-reading all of the books that have meant a lot to me (even childhood ones), to really savor them (so I remember the plot), and then rank them and discover my actual top ten.

I’ll read new books too of course, but this will be my main focus for half of the year and I’ll filter in a new book for every three or four of the books I’ve re-read.

I’ll share my full list of what I plan to re-read in a future blog!

I just love reading. It gives breath and space to my life, and totally inspires me. The library has absolutely changed my reading game this year and is my favorite place to go these days.

What do you think? Do you have a top ten list of favorite books? Do you think your top ten would shift around if you went back and re-read every book you’ve ever loved?

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