Small Life, Slow Life: She’s Here!



Our little girl is here!

Our little girl Violet was lifted into the world three weeks ago yesterday, on July 22nd, 2016. I say “lifted” because she was a c-section birth. A friend told me the story of her daughter’s c-section by sharing that the nurse had said, “Some babies need to be lifted into this world rather than pushed.” We’d scheduled the c-section for 39 weeks but I was being monitored every other day during the last month of my pregnancy. It looked like Violet had some complications, and potentially IUGR. But once I went on my maternity leave (so much earlier than I’d planned!) and rested, she began to catch up and grow appropriately. The potential complications we were worried about ended up being because her umbilical cord was wrapped super tightly around her neck three times! What a relief to hear her sweet cry and know that everything was fine. She was a little bit of a shrimp at 5lb9oz + 18.5″ (she eats A LOT now and is catching up nicely), but she couldn’t have a bigger piece of our hearts. Seeing our doctor hold her over the screen for the first time was the most powerful moment I’ve ever experienced!

Before her birth, I had tons of anxiety — I was worried about bonding with her, or the onset of postpartum depression or any number of things that could go wrong. But what actually happened is that as soon as she was in my arms, my body knew what to do and the bond was immediate. I know not everyone has that experience and I definitely consider myself lucky to have bonded with her the way that I have.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been missteps and tears. Sleep deprivation is absolutely as much of a b*tch as everyone says it is. Violet is a good baby and rarely cries for more than five seconds, but if she does, it can be maddening to try to figure out what’s wrong. And the transition from being independent to being a mother has had its stressful moments. But overall, C and I are beyond smitten and already can’t imagine our lives without her.

Our dear friend Cecily (you might remember her from taking our wedding photos) came to our house when Violet was 12 days old to capture her before she grew out of her squeaky newborn-ness. We’re in love. ❤










Rolo REALLY loved Cecily and followed her from room to room until he eventually started photobombing the shoot, which we loved.



It’s been neat to watch my mom and Violet fall totally in love 🙂



We couldn’t be happier ❤


13 thoughts on “Small Life, Slow Life: She’s Here!

  1. Jen,
    Words cannot express how truly happy I am for you. Your baby is beautiful and it’s clear to see a light has been added to this world. It’s honestly such a joy to see such wonderful things happening to you in your life. You’ve touched my life (as well as the lives of others) and I’ve still been searching for a way to thank you. Thank you for your kind words and advice when I needed it most. Thank you for showing me the importance of living a slow life. For me, the mark of understanding something or learning from something is when I apply it to future events. I can proudly say that I’ve applied all that I have learned from you and I’m a happier person. People like you deserve so much happiness and joy.

    Once again, congratulations on your little one! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Isabella,
      It makes me so happy to know that you’re happy. Knowing you’re happy is thanks enough. Lifting the pain, even just a little bit, for people going through dark times, is enough for me. ❤️ You’re such a sweetheart and I wish you the best of everything!!!! 😘
      Love, Jen

  2. Congratulations your baby is beautiful and lovely photos of you and your happy family. Just like to second isabella comment, you really did help me at a time in my life when I was very alone, I genuinely appreciate that. and I have definitely learnt to look at life in a new way, and appreciate what I have. Thank you so much x

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your kind words and I love hearing that you’re appreciating what you have. In the end, that’s really the secret to a beautiful life. ❤️ All the very best to you!!!
      Love, Jen

  3. Hi Jen!!

    Wow, it’s been a while since I visited your site so imaginey surprise to see that your beautiful bundle of joy has arrived..

    She is unbelievably beautiful 🙂

    Congratulations and much blessings to you and your growing family

    May the help you bestow on others be only a fraction of what you will bring to your very own

    Remain blessed

  4. Jen,

    This is my first post and I am happy that its to tell you congratulations on your bundle of joy and happiness. I am relatively new to your site (couple of months), but it was a glimmer of hope when I most needed it. Your advise and insight is most appreciative because it comes from a place of mutual experience and most importantly you are understanding and non-judgmental. It is hard to receive that kind of support from family and friends at times. The most important thing I have taken from your blog is the quote that I can’t lose what wasn’t mine. I know there is a larger plan for all of us and its a matter of giving up the fear and embracing the future.

    Little Violet was truly blessed with you as a mother because of your kind hearted soul, and you have truly been a Guardian Angel during what has been one of the darker times in my life.

    Bless you and your family.

    • You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words and I feel so happy knowing that something here was able to help you, even if just a little. There’s a great Louis C.K. video from his talk on the Conan O’Brien show going around right now about sadness and how you have to face it to move through it. It sounds like that is what you’re doing. You truly can’t lose what is rightfully yours.

      Thank you again and I’m rooting for you and your happiness! ❤️

  5. Jen, God bless your beautiful family! Your blog has been such a healing and calming force. I don’t know you, but your kindness radiates. You really deserve nothing but the best. Thank you for all your help.

    • It takes kindness to recognize kindness!!! Thank you for your sweet wishes and I am glad you received some comfort. ❤️ So many nights when I was hurting I would scour the internet just looking for something to calm me.


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