Small Life, Slow Life: I got promoted!

These photos are of me on the phone with my regional manager as she was making me the offer; the timing happened as I was about to leave for the day, so my whole team was around to watch and congratulate me!

I had waited for that day for a long time, so I totally cried when she finally made the offer.

“Are you there?” she said after a pause.

“Yep, just crying,” I answered.

With this change, I’ll be switching stores and teams. I am having a really hard time with that, since I’m very close to my current team and it took me a long time to get close to them. But I am also happy to be going back to a familiar community and some team members I’ve worked with very closely before (many of whom I hired).

This is my last week at my current store, and with Matt and James. James will still be my boss but things will obviously be different; I don’t think we’ll be getting lunch multiple times a week or that I’ll be making fun of him or Matt for playing Pokémon Go! But I’m still happy he’s my boss nonetheless. Matt, I am definitely going to miss so much. 💔

I imagine it’ll take a little figuring out to see what schedule will work best for our family, and it will be weird not to work two seconds away anymore (my new store is still close; I’m not complaining). I’m almost at three years of owning my car and I still only have 10,000 miles on it. I never drive very far!

What has taken a hit during these last two weeks with everything going on has been reading and writing. I only worked on The Book once last week, and I’m reading at a glacial pace. My mind is just too full of thoughts to settle down. V and C also had a nasty stomach bug from Thursday on, so our routine is pretty out of whack. I imagine it will be a little while before things feel “normal” again.

But I am so looking forward to when they do.

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